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My philosophy on life
Oct 6, 2013 / 64 notes

My philosophy on life

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iPhone filmed version of Hoodie’s “James Franco” song being used for the James Franco roast!

As a HUGE Hoodie Mobber, I could not be more proud of Hoodie! So what if they remixed the original, it’s still awesome to be featured as the introduction to James Franco’s roast! <3

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I wanna say this is a hard choice, but it really isn’t. Team Christian all the way. What time are y’all?

I am definitely Team Christian. I love the broody nature of Christian and Ben strikes me as too nice for Tara. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great boyfriend but Christian balances her out better. Plus I think Jordan Rodrigues is absolutely adorable. So…Tristian all the way!

Aug 28, 2013 / 1 note

October 22 is simply just too damn far away. I need MORE answers NOW. 

Aug 27, 2013 / 3 notes

Monday- GREAT Dance Academy episode- Tristian is finally heading somewhere!

Tuesday- EZRA, WHY ARE YOU A? WHY? I loved you so much! My heart. But I’m actually interested in how this develops….because no one on the show suspects him!

Basically, there better be shitloads of Tristian next week to make me feel better about the PLL finale and I swear to God, I’m actually praying for a twist on the #EzrA reveal. 

Aug 27, 2013

Question: So does Christian also understudy Ollie’s role? Because the new promo shows him in the Mercutio costume dancing what I assume is Ollie’s solo…

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I basically made a Spotify playlist out of the playlist that @mydanceacademy created! Please share and enjoy! All credits for the playlist should go to @mydanceacademy!

If you want to “Subscribe” to this on Spotify- the playlist name is “Inspired by Tristian”


Spotted: Hell&#8217;s Kitchen 6 winner at the Hell&#8217;s Kitchen 7 Finale. Yes, Dave was still sporting his funky (lovely) hats and that cast. But why is he wearing chef whites?
If you couldn&#8217;t tell, I&#8217;m rewatching seasons 6-11 of Hell&#8217;s Kitchen- mainly because I loved the winners from those seasons a lot. 
Aug 22, 2013

Spotted: Hell’s Kitchen 6 winner at the Hell’s Kitchen 7 Finale. Yes, Dave was still sporting his funky (lovely) hats and that cast. But why is he wearing chef whites?

If you couldn’t tell, I’m rewatching seasons 6-11 of Hell’s Kitchen- mainly because I loved the winners from those seasons a lot. 

Aug 20, 2013 / 4 notes
Aug 20, 2013 / 4 notes

Really? An American reality show on ballet!


Like making an exaggerated movie wasn’t enough for America. Now, they have a freaking reality show to over expose the drama that should be ignore in order to concentrate on the dance. 

Enjoy the reality TV show while I stick to watch top quality dancers and ballerinas in the making on YouTube. 

I just wonder if this tumblr user has any idea what working in the ballet world is like…

The show aims not only to go behind the scenes of a leading ballet company in the US, but also to show the outside lives of ballet dancers (and what effects their occupation has on their personal lives- as we see with Christiana/Chris and Allison among others). 

No question that the Bolshoi Ballet (mentioned in the tags) has some of the highest quality talent in the world, but I doubt that the company is without a sense of drama (as it permeates every corner of life). 

The purpose is not to spend 60 minutes on solely ballet- but to open the doors into the ballet world and what it is like to be immersed in the lifestyle. I’d say that the performances and the perfection do take a backseat to what can be viewed as petty drama and silly gossip, but Breaking Pointe serves to show the process of getting to the stage and achieving that level of perfection. 

*Note: This, of course, is my own opinion of the show (coming from a former ballet dancer). Kittysha is entitled to his/her own opinion, but I ask this user to give the show a second chance.